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Oil drum heater / tank electric heating

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The oil drum heater (belt) can easily take out the liquid and solidification in the barrel by heating. For example, the adhesive, grease, tar, paint, paraffin and various resin materials in the barrel need to be heated or heated by the barrel. It supplements the heat. This device is not affected by the season and can be used all year round. The sensor is mounted on the surface of the heater and the temperature is directly controlled by temperature regulation.

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■ Product specifications:

Tubular heater

200 liter cylindrical heater

20 liter cylindrical heater

200 liters

Size 250×1740 200×860 125×1740

Capacity 200V 2000W 200V 800W 200V 1000W

Temperature regulation 0-200°C EGO

Weight Approx.: 0.5kg Approx.: 0.4kg Approx.: 0.3kg

Barrel diameter: about 580mm diameter: about 300mm diameter about: 580mm

■Notes on use:

Moisture-proof specifications: end plate, easy to prevent moisture, can not be used in water or frost for a long time.

Depending on the environment in which it is used, the temperature of the heater will vary depending on the material and shape of the heated object.

■Usage steps:

1. Wrap the product on the surface of the barrel through the iron buckle and spring on the surface of the product to ensure that the spring and the iron buckle are firmly connected.

2. Connect the plug configured with the product to the 220V AC power supply.

Third, control the temperature adjustment: press the SET button to flash to display the control temperature, and then press the ↑ or ↓ button to adjust the value to the desired temperature, the thermostat automatically remembers to store. Press the SET button to exit the adjustment status display library temperature; if you do not press any button, the measurement library temperature will be restored after ten seconds.

4. Working indicator: During the heating process, the work light is on; the work light in the constant temperature state is off.

Five, thermostat parameter settings:

1. Press SET for 6 seconds, enter the parameter setting, and flash E1;

2. Press SET again to change the parameter selection, and display E2, E3, E4, E5, E1 in sequence, and cycle sequentially;

3. Press the ↑ or ↓ key to display the value of the parameter and modify and store the data.

4. If you do not press any button within ten seconds, return to the normal operation mode.

Parameter Function Setting range Factory default

E1 minimum control temperature 0°C——control temperature 0°C

E2 Maximum control temperature Control temperature - 200 ° C 200 ° C

E3 temperature difference 1 - 20 ° C 4 ° C

E4 delay start time 0 - 10 minutes 3 minutes

E5 probe error correction -20——20°C 0°C

6. After the heating is completed, disconnect the plug from the power supply.

■ Note:

1. Do not pull the power cord.

Second, pay attention to care.

Third, the thermostat can not be installed in places with dripping water.

4. Please do not use the thermostat and the heating plate separately.

5. This product does not have a forced shutdown function. When not in use, be sure to disconnect the power cord from the power supply.

6. Please do not immerse this product in liquid. This product is used indoors. In the dry environment, although there is static phenomenon, there is no problem in function.

7. Do not use in an environment that is prone to fire or explosion.

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